Unwind the Neurological System
Unwind the Neurological System
It is essentially the body's electrical wiring.
Stress Relief
Stress Relief
Controlling the level of stress for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.
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What is Bowen?

The essential element of my practice is three fold and therefore offers benefit to many segments of our population. The work that I perform is hands on somatic bodywork that unwinds the neurological system and elicits a parasympathetic response to balance and restore. There are important side benefits which gently open the fascial tissue structures to allow increased circulation and oxygen delivery for healing and rehabilitation of injuries, restoration of neurological feed and lymphatic flow..

A feeling of increased freedom, range of motion and reduction or elimination of pain is often noted within a few sessions and the work is 'held' by the body increasingly after each progressive session. Most participants notice lasting relief in about 3-5 sessions. Further treatments may be required for very long standing chronic conditions.

The body responds by encouraging the musculoskeletal system to normalize or rebalance. This results the elimination of pain, improved posture and mechanical function, balance and athletic performance. Athletes who are moving through growth spurts and who may be experiencing challenges with coordination and performance demonstrate marked improvement after sessions. Those of us who lead busy, overwhelmed and stressed lives also experience noticeably deep restorative benefits.

The technique is safe and non invasive offering a restorative effect along with the important
additional aspect of the easing of pain and discomfort.

Its origins are in Australia where the first clinic opened in the late 1950's in Geelong, Australia near Melbourne, Victoria. The modality, Bowen Therapy has spread worldwide and also offers support from pre and postnatal, chronic pain, acute and severe injuries, Brain Injury, fibromyalgia and sports and athletic remediation, function and performance.


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I have a wonderful whole body calm but with a light energy about me. I've had massages and treatments in different places around the world but this Bowen Therapy is so vastly different. You (Meredith) have an uncanny ability to hone into the core of just what is required in a session. Thank you.

Barbara Dickson


Last Summer, I could not do yard work. After having Bowen Therapy, I am now working my beautiful garden without pain. Leanne yamada "Thank you for working with me. It was one of the best days that I have had. You have such a positive energy about you and highly recommend your work to those I know who are in pain."

JB, Stouffville


Hi Meredith I want thank you and to tell you how powerful your Bowen treatments are. I have gone to chiropractor's, massage therapist's and cranial sacral facilitators for over 25 years. The results I have obtained from the Bowen work that you do is like taking the express elevator to wellness. I can honestly say no other treatments have given me these results and I highly recommend anyone wanting powerful wellness results to have some Bowen sessions with you. Bless you and thank you so much Shelley Sullivan ~ Toronto, Ontario

Janie Upham



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The importance of the connection to the body.

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A Soothing of the Nervous System

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